Bolts and Nut Services

Giving you one source, To supply high quality fastener products at the lowest prices. Whether it be Standard stocked fastener or Manufactured bolts and nuts, Bolt and Nut Eng can supply the complete solution.<br>

The range we Stock and Manufacture, comprises fasteners in all shapes and sizes and in the most diverse materials - from Steel to Stainless steel, from Brass and Copperto Titanium, Even Kuprodur and Plastic! - Steel stock range of quality steels at bottom of this page -<br>

Special manufactured items, Problem solving is our speciality, from concept to manufacture.<br>

We offer a next day delivery service UK And world wide.
We STOCK and manufacture the following items. <br>
Hex head bolt and sets, Sizes M1 to M140 Diameter. <br>
Holding down bolts, Square Square OX. <br>
Plate Washers. Void formers use with SSOX. <br>
HSFG bolts (high strength bolts) Plus Washers, High <br>strength friction grip bolts.
Countersunk fasteners, Cap head. <br>
Coach Bolts Hex and Square head. <br>
Wood screws. Cotter Pins. Lindaptors. <br>
Nuts, Full, Lock, Nylock, Nylon. <br>
Washers Standard, Nylon, Specials. <br>
Waxed cardboard cones or Polystyrene cones. <br>
Any Hexagon threaded fastener stocked, Any grade of steel. <br>
Foundation bolts Stocked, Poly cones, Cardboard cones.<br>
Indented foundation bolts in all finishes stocked. <br>
Stainless, Mild steel, Shear pins manufactured. <br>
Cap head bolts, Socket head bolts, Grub screws, Socket Set point screws. <br>
Threaded Studs <br>
10.9 studding, 10.9 all thread, Stocked and manufactured. <br>
Metric fine thread. <br>
Galv bolts and nuts. <br>
Bespoke Bolts and nuts. <br>
NEW RANGE - 14.9 Socket and hexagon fasteners nowstocked. <br>
NEW weathered 8.8 corten bolts and nuts
Lindapter range. <br>
Caddy and erico range. <br>
Special grade, hard to find fasteners stocked. <br>
Roofing, Mush head, Structural BOLTS <br>
Taper washers, curved spring washers, locking washers, Serrated lock washers. <br>
Cheese head, Pan head, Round head BOLTS <br>
Split, Linch, Single, Double, Pipe, Clevis PINS <br>
Cage nuts, Thread cutting screws, Chemical fixings. <br>
Socket Fasteners stocked and produced. <br>
Grade 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9 stocked. <br>
Imperial high grades stocked.
Allen head bolt/csk bolts/high grade bolts.
Welded Assemblies -
With in-house welding & fabrication facilities, we can offer prompt turnaround of cast in bolt assemblies. Whether tubes are required welded to the bases or a frame with multiple fixings is required, we can offer a complete service package.

We can offer base plates and anchorages in any size, material and style, including flat plate, (RSA) Angles & Channels.
Assembled high tensile Bolts Nuts Washers in stock now
Nut and washer assembled on bolts.
Zinc plated and Galvanised.
Price is very competitive!
Ease of use in difficult areas!. Reduced loss of washers and nuts being dropped.
Security bolts and nuts.

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