bolt information

Click to enlarge A bolt is a cylindrical threaded fastener that passes through the work piece and is held in place by a nut or a threaded hole on the other side. This is a very common way of holding together temporary or permanent constructions. At Cal Fasteners, Inc., we know that bolts come in many different varieties, for countless uses. Cal Fasteners is a leading supplier of all different kinds of bolts, including foundation bolts and stainless steel hex bolts. In addition to stainless steel, bolts are available in various standard materials, including brass, copper, and aluminum. These bolts are offered in a wide range of sizes, to secure any project with safe and sturdy construction.
Cal Fasteners supplies many thread types, carrying those that meet both U.S. and metric standards: Customers buy bolts through Cal Fasteners because we offer such a wide range of products, in different types, sizes, and many varying materials. Some are for very small jobs, and some for very large projects. Likewise, some have very general uses, and others are quite specific in their function.
Foundation bolts, also called anchor bolts, are commonly used in construction, to secure a wooden frame to a cement slab. Cut thread bolts are designed so the bolt is the same diameter as the thread. These are available for the anchor bolts we stock. Other cut threaded bolts are available through special order. Cal Fasteners also carries bolts in metric sizes, in addition to all the standard-measure bolts. If you have a need for a fastener, CFI has the bolt for the job.
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